"CHEMINS DE VIE (Life paths)" 


24th &25th October, 2018 at 6:30 pm

ArtsKoCo Gallery- 5 rue Auguste Liesch, L-1937 Luxembourg

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Chemin bleu( blue path) - 2018

Papier Hanji - Pigment coréen 72 x 92 cm

Blue paths -2018

Artskoco is proud to introduce imn Luxembourg the Korean artist HyunJoung LEE who will take you through her Chemins de vie ( Life Paths)  

Hyun Joung LEE by herself:

“ Imaginary journeys between earth and sky, route between valleys and clouds, I invent constellated paths where the eyes wander My universe is poetic. As if in an inner journey, I invite the viewer to ride with me, to follow me in these aerial views. They are born of the breath of my Korean childhood, my taste for painting, and my jeweller training: As these three experiences met, I created my universes.

 From my past in Korea, I remember the subjects, the beliefs of my forefathers.


Petit chemin infini (small infinite path)-2017

Hanji paper and Korean Pigment - Aluminium émaillé 27 x 27 cm

Petit chemin infini ( small infinite path)

The mulberry tree is the skin of this memory, the enamelled cups are its secret symbols. This paper lined the floor of the houses, I saw it from my height as a child. Above the footprints, life, and I already imagined paintings, landscapes. In France, I took this raw material, I broke it in water, remodeled to remove its smooth side, native, and create an irregular texture, more alive. I joined the mulberry-plane tree paper to make more manifest and share my imaginary paths. Also, I paint, I underline in ink, I sprinkle with Korean pigments, so that the volumes leave their silent whiteness and give to see these colored worlds that populate me.

My brush sometimes leaves alone and guides me, I got caught in my own landscapes. I am like the one who looks, the paper leads me by its strange directions, and I let myself be guided. Sometimes the reference to a forest is more pregnant, almost paradisiacal, sometimes the blue lines as organic become more mysterious, almost disturbing. Everyone can project themselves. What dominates and transpires more than my personality is in serenity. From now on, it is between the clouds that I invite to continue the journey, pleasant, calm.


“Everyone lives a painting in his own way and my past does not need to be delivered even if, these small cups are in fact a symbolic inheritance: of its life, one fills it. A bowl is metaphysically given to us at birth. The size for everyone is different, but we all use it. My little cups are those lives, so different, in bronze or in oxidised silver, in polished brass, gilded, enamelled with colors, punctuated by a pearl. Lonely, grouped en masse, we see them as flowers or beings that matter. They are in my landscapes more than a decoration, they are presences and for me, sometimes a whole people. They make my paths, paths of life.”



Les Chemins nuages (cloud paths) 2013

Oil on canvass. Hanji paper. Ink 100 cm x 120 cm

travelling the life paths

“From the roots of my childhood, from my studies at the Beaux-Arts in Seoul to my training as a jeweller in Paris, I have nourished my work. All these years have built my know-how. Yet I do not want that to be remembered, but because of that training, it is easier to get up. I like the idea that a painting does not remain locked in a frame, it is above all an invitation to go somewhere else, to meet people. So, I know that,in their own fashion , my pictures travel with their eyes, through their heart.”