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Flying Ducks
Stravinsky Fountain-Paris to Luxembourg
Adolf bridge & Gëlle Fra-Luxembourg
Luxembourg train station
Hollow Tooth tower - Luxembourg
Grund Bridge
Alzette at the Grund-Luxembourg
Bock climb- Luxembourg
ba-bock climb- Luxembourg, Oil on linen 72.7x53cm 2500€.JPG
Red Bridge -Luxembourg
Neige en été flowers-Luxembourg
Flowers by the Alzette
 Rose moss
Heuk Mae (Dark Red Plum)
Maehwa (Plum Blossoms)  2018-4
2, Maehwa (Plum Blossoms) 2018-1, Oil on linen 72.7x116.8cm,7000€.jpg
Maehwa (Plum Blossoms) 2018-2
Maehwa (Plum Blossoms) 2018-3
Maehwa (Plum Blossoms) 2018-5
Ya Mae ( wild Plum) 2017-6
Maehwa ( Plum Blossoms) 2018-6
ChangHan Kim painting the sea fantasy serie in Korea
Chang Han Kim  strobe picture, at Haeundae
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